Editorial License

The Editorial License grants you and/or your organization permission to publish Kristen Penoyer's photographs in the following ways/formats:

  • Print magazines and newspapers (to accompany editorial content only)
  • Digital articles on website, social media, blog, etc.  (to accompany editorial content only)

Any use other than those listed above is prohibited.


Photo Credit

All photographs published under the Editorial License must be accompanied by a photo credit. Failure to provide a photo credit will result in a fee of $250.00 per uncredited photograph instance.

Photographs may not be sub-licensed or published by third parties not specifically named on this agreement.


How to Credit

Social Media: Please give credit immediately following the text of your post (not in the comments, and before any hashtags or URLs) and include a direct link to the account or website listed below.

Facebook: Photo by https://www.facebook.com/kristenpenoyerphoto

Instagram: Photo by @kristen.penoyer

Web: Photo by kristenpenoyer.com (must include hyperlink)

Print: Include text “Photo by Kristen Penoyer” under each photograph used.

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